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Here are links to the various online places you can find my writing. I love writing about film, theology, church, leadership, and youth ministry. From film reviews, small group discussion guides, full-length journal articles, and books, I just love to write.

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Leading Up: Finding Influence in the Church Beyond Role and Experience (The Youth Cartel)

Far too many church leaders find themselves frustrated, floundering, or fired because their dreams for the church reach beyond the job description they were hired to fill. Whether you’re a pastor, an intern, or a volunteer, you’re not the one in charge of the congregation. Thankfully, neither is your boss; Jesus is the lead pastor for every church. His Spirit moves in each of us, and those gifted in leadership can find Christ-honoring practices for leading up- having influence that goes beyond role or experience. This isn’t about manipulation or rebellion, but about humbly participating in the mission of God in your church.

Leading Up is a leadership fable that unpacks a paradigm and practical tools for leading up in your church. Logan is a young pastor with a big vision for Evergreen Community Church, but cannot seem to move any of his ideas beyond wishful thinking. At a significant breaking point, a mentor comes alongside to mentor Logan on his journey of leadership, transforming both of these leaders and the church in the process. Logan’s affecting tale will offer compelling insights for any church leader wanting to expand their leadership skills.

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Sex and Dating: Moving Beyond the Birds and the Bees (Group/Simply Youth Ministry, co-authored with Mark Oestreicher)

Helping your child make wise choices about sex and dating requires more than just one chat. It's about buidling bridges of ongoing dialogue throughout the teenage years. But youth workers Mark Oestreicher and Joel Mayward realize many parents don't feel comfortable or prepared to have these kinds of conversations. That's why they wrote A Parent's Guide to Understanding Sex & Dating: to equip you to initiate healthy, honest discussions with your teenager. 

This book will also help you understand some of the relevant trends and issues in today's youth culture. Your role as a parent is to do more than provide your teenager with information about sex and dating. You have the opportunity and the calling to help your child live wisely and honor God in this sometimes tricky, occasionally awkward, and always vital area of life.


Boring is Better: The Intersection of Slow Films and Spirituality, Immerse Journal, January/February 2012

The Work of Art: Developing Discipline for Creativity in Ministry, Youthworker Journal, November/December, 2013 (online link here)

Online Articles and Resources

Leadership Journal: Spawning Grounds: Ministry leaders are called to sacrifice for the next generation. An article on the potential discipleship between older and younger church leaders.

Canadian Youth Worker: I write a regular column about church leadership principles and tools for this Canadian youth ministry blog. An online church resource that regularly has Mayward Blog posts under the "Youth" section and featured articles, including 6 Practices for Youth Ministry on a School Campus and How You Can Overcome Discouragement in Ministry.

Immerse Journal: A journal focused on theology, youth ministry, and culture.

Youth Specialties: A great youth ministry organization, featuring some of my favorite film and book reviews. Two youth ministry articles here; one on family culture and one on discipleship.

Slant33: A dialogue-based youth ministry blog that asks three voices to answer a ministry question each week. I answered a question about the risks and rewards of friendships in ministry.