About Joel

The Basics

Joel Mayward is a pastor, writer, husband, and father living in Langley, British Columbia. He’s been serving in youth ministry since 2003, and is currently the Pastor of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at North Langley Community Church. A writer for numerous youth ministry publications and author of Leading Up: Finding Influence in the Church Beyond Role and Experience, Joel writes about youth ministry, film, theology, and leadership at his blog, joelmayward.blogspot.ca. Follow him on Twitter: @joelmayward.

The Bigger Picture

Raised in Tacoma, WA. Lived in Oregon and Arizona. Lives in Langley, British Columbia. 

Husband to Katie. Father to Copeland and Eloise, the two cutest kids in all of human history. Awaiting the third of the cutest kids, coming Spring 2015.

Graduate of Multnomah University (B.S. Bible/Theology, Youth Ministry).

I love moviesyouth ministrytheology, leadership, and writing.

I drive a 1974 VW Super Beetle affectionately named "Jim."

More than anything, I'm just trying to follow Jesus well.

For speaking engagements, writing for publications, or questions, contact me here via email. 

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